Which Coins Are Available to Buy on VoltCoins?

Jason Levinson
November 2, 2022

Whilecryptocurrencies are a relatively new asset class, their unbridled adoption hasgrabbed them a prominent spot in the financial world. We at VoltCoins wish toensure that you buy Bitcoin as well as other popular cryptocurrencies, amidreliable conditions and stay in line with the budding crypto trends.

There are fourcrypto coins that you can purchase on VoltCoins. Let us look at themindividually:


As Bitcoin is themost popular, oldest, and widely recognized cryptocurrency, it might be a goodpoint to begin your virtual journey.

Like allcryptocurrencies, it is a decentralized currency not controlled by any centralbank or single government, which gives you more control over your money.Moreover, BTC has the highest trading volume, around $33 billion, amongst allcrypto coins - meaning it has the highest liquidity in the crypto market. Thispresents ample opportunity to market participants to sell and buy Bitcoin inorder to benefit from the volatility associated with the coin.

At VoltCoins, webelieve that cryptocurrency exchange must be done in a highly secure andseamless environment. So, naturally, we maintain the highest privacy andtransaction standards, whereby you can buy Bitcoin and dip your toes in thecrypto world conveniently. Ethereum

Ethereum is anotherwell-known cryptocurrency that has garnered remarkable attention in the cryptoindustry over the years.

Its popularitystems from the fact that “it is more than just a currency” – the Ethereumnetwork is a comprehensive space supporting smart contracts and thousands ofdecentralized applications. Moreover, Ethereum is becoming the base of Web 3.0where many virtual reality games, metaverse projects, and non-fungible tokensare being powered on it.

If you want tocapitalize on the potential of this network, we allow our clients to buy ETHmost transparently and dependably.  


Litecoin is one ofthe oldest cryptocurrencies which was developed as a variation of Bitcoin.

The most effectivefeatures of Litecoin are its relatively higher speed and scalability relativeto traditional blockchains like Bitcoin. Moreover, similar to other top digitalassets, it is a highly liquid currency with low transaction fees, which makesits adoption much smoother and more extensive.

We at VoltCoinsintegrate multiple payment solutions in addition to a very simple onboardingprocess, to help you swiftly buy Litecoin with complete ease.


While you can buyBitcoin and Ethereum, as well as Litecoin, on our exchange platform, we also offerthe unique stablecoin, Tether, to accommodate users who are intimidated by thehigh-volatility aspect of cryptocurrencies.

As USDT is a cryptotoken with its value linked to the US Dollar. It serves as an ideal medium ofexchange for crypto-to-fiat and fiat-to-crypto transactions. Moreover, Tetherholds a positive reputation thanks to its fast speed of transfers, lowtransaction fees, and reduced volatility under the backdrop of its peg with thetraditional currency, the USD.

In a nutshell, atVoltCoins, we have instituted the most efficient crypto exchange system, whereyou can associate with the top 4 coins, as mentioned above, in three simplesteps: register, verify, and buy crypto!

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