Navigating the Crypto Market: News and Updates on Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

Michael Goons
July 30, 2023


When Ripple XRP, one of the most prominent coins in thecryptocurrency landscape today, came into existence, there was a lot ofenthusiasm around its ability to make global cross-border payments moreefficient. Some even said it would replace the SWIFT global payments systemeventually.


However, contrary to these initial expectations and despitethe buzz around it, Ripple and the company behind it did not live up to thehype. The coin is currently trading at below 50 cents, and SWIFT is still thepredominant payments system. Despite this, a new alliance between Ripple andtwo other notable coins, which we feature on our Voltcoins platform, shows thatRipple is still focusing on its mission. It has switched tactics from competingwith SWIFT to cooperating with them.


A new alliance canreshape the global payments space

In the dynamic and fast-growing world of cryptocurrencies,keeping up with updates on Bitcoin and other coins like Ripple XRP, StellarXLM, and IOTA is crucial. Each has emerged with a unique selling proposition,creating ripples in the digital currency landscape.


A milestone development in this sphere is the recentalliance formed between these three significant blockchain projects. Thiscollaborative venture holds the promise to redefine the contours of themultibillion-dollar crypto market. With potential integration with SWIFT, therenowned global financial messaging network, the alliance could trigger aparadigm shift, leading to broader adoption of digital currencies and inducingsignificant disruption.


Further bolstering their position is their engagement withISO 20022, an international standard for electronic data interchange betweenfinancial institutions. By adhering to this standard, these projects promiseseamless and standardized communication across different financial systems.This compliance with ISO 20022, amidst the regular updates on Bitcoin and othercoins, is a gold standard in the financial industry, raising their profileconsiderably.


History of thedifferent partners

Ripple has been an active member of the ISO 20022organization since 2020, while Stellar and IOTA have recently joined thebandwagon, striving for compliance. By engaging with ISO 20022, these projectshave swung the doors open for a potential alliance with SWIFT, the globallydominant financial messaging network, amidst the latest updates on Bitcoin andother coins.


SWIFT plays an integral role in global finance byfacilitating secure communication and transaction settlements between thousandsof banks worldwide. Its integration with Ripple, Stellar, and IOTA wouldexponentially increase their reach and effectiveness. The vast infrastructureof SWIFT would enable frictionless cross-border transactions and grow the userbase of these blockchain projects.


Impact on othercryptocurrencies

The alliance between Ripple, Stellar, and IOTA couldstimulate significant changes within the broader cryptocurrency sector. Thispartnership might ignite heightened competition as other cryptocurrenciesstrive to keep pace or create their alliances, encourage adherence torecognized financial standards such as ISO 20022, and potentially catalyzeclearer regulatory frameworks for digital currencies.


Amidst these updates, the market may witness consolidation,with smaller entities forming strategic partnerships with more prominentplayers to enhance their competitiveness. Finally, this alliance could spurtechnological innovation, pushing cryptocurrencies to advance their underlyingblockchain systems for enhanced performance and security.



Despite facing challenges and initial setbacks, Ripple,alongside Stellar and IOTA, remains undeterred in its mission to innovateglobal financial transactions. This alliance signifies the excitingpossibilities that lie within the realm of blockchain technology and itspotential to transform the future of finance.


Their shared compliance with ISO 20022 and potentialintegration with SWIFT could be the launching pad for wider acceptance and useof digital currencies. We at Voltcoins feel that it is important to provide ourclient with updates on Bitcoin and other promising projects. That’s why we aremonitoring these changes and bringing our customers the best coins to buy andsell.


As the financial landscape continues to evolve, thispower-packed alliance stands at the precipice of a new era, aiming to carve outan inclusive and efficient global financial ecosystem.

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