How You Can Buy Bitcoin Without a Hassle

Michael Goons
October 24, 2022

Bitcoin continues to be the most important cryptocurrency onthe planet, leading not just by price per token, but also by marketcapitalization and daily volumes. Even today, after its slump, more and morepeople are showing interest in buying Bitcoin, as an investment, medium ofexchange or just to send money abroad to relatives and friends.

The most convenient way to buy BTC today is still via adedicated exchange platform. While other solutions such as ATMs do exist,exchanges remain the go-to solution for most crypto enthusiasts. We atVoltcoins give you the chance to buy Bitcoin, as well as several other popularcryptocurrencies, in a very convenient way.

With most platforms, crypto exchange is very simple, andwith our platform, all it takes is three simple steps: register, verify andpurchase. Yep, that's it. Moreover, Voltcoins is compliant with KYC so thisprocess ensures that you exchange Bitcoin in the safest manner possible.

Voltcoins also relies only on trusted payment solutions,such as leading credit card providers and bank wire transfers. This way, we canbe sure that you get your fiat or crypto as fast as possible, with no glitcheson the way.

Buying Bitcoin is something that should always be done in asecure environment, so that nobody else gains access to personal data. We arehighly attentive to such details and that’s why we deploy advanced frauddetection, easy onboarding, sensitive data encryption, and seamlesstransactions.

Upon making a Bitcoin purchase, you should also decide whereyou want to store your tokens. It might be necessary to hold a dedicated BTCwallet. These are convenient and easy to open, offering full control over yourfunds. You can read more about them online and pick the right one for you.

This market continues to be very volatile, so the rateoffered for the exchange changes constantly. Thankfully, Voltcoins works onlywith trusted liquidity providers and this makes us able to provide the bestrates in the market, regardless of how turbulent it is.

Like any other financial transaction, costs and fees areinvolved. The spread between the buying price and the actual price fluctuatesthroughout the day, based on how volatile the price of Bitcoin is. The feeassociated with the payment method you use, on the other hand, is fixed - anddepends on your bank or credit card provider.

Buying Bitcoin today is truly a no brainer. even if you havelittle or no experience with cryptocurrencies. We at Voltcoins work hard tomake the process as simple, intuitive and user-friendly as possible, withoutmaking any compromises when it comes to security. We invite you to give us atry. Remember: register, verify and purchase. That’s all it takes.

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