Golden Opportunities: A Comprehensive Guide to Senior Citizens and Crypto Purchase - Part 2

Joe Bryce
April 12, 2023


In theprevious part of this guide, we discussed cryptocurrencies with a focus onsenior citizens and crypto, talking about what they are, and why it is better to buy them on a reliable exchange like Voltcoin. In thissecond part, we will delve more in-depth about these fairly new and uniquedigital assets, highlight some differences between the top cryptocurrencies,and - most importantly - talk about how you can ensure the safety of your fundsand information while purchasing crypto online.


Differencesbetween the most popular cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are not all the same. Each has different featuresand specifications that make it more suitable for suitable needs. Let’s take a look atthe most popular ones today, so you can decide which one is right for you tobuy.


Bitcoin: Bitcoin is the trailblazerin the world of senior citizens and crypto. It opened up the way for othercryptocurrencies to follow. Its main advantage is its position as a frontrunnerin this field. The prices of most other cryptocurrencies follow the price ofBitcoin, so it has predictive value to some extent.


Ether: Ether is considered thesecond most popular cryptocurrency, and it is built on the Ethereum platform. Without getting toomuch into detail, the way that people earn Ether is different from Bitcoin,because it works on a mechanism called “proof of stake” as opposed to the“proof of work” mechanism of Bitcoin.


XRP: This currency is issued byRipple, aiming to provide senior citizens and crypto enthusiasts with analternative method for transferring money across borders. However, XRP is notconsidered to be decentralized since it is issued by a single entity, whichmeans the advantage of decentralization may not be present here.


How to buyand sell cryptocurrencies on an exchange like Voltcoin

Buying andselling cryptocurrencies like the ones mentioned above is a straightforwardprocess. Exchanges like Voltcoin make this process very user-friendly. All youhave to do is open an account, fund it, and then you are all set to carry outall the transactions you want to make.

If you want to knowmore about the steps you need to take in order to open an account, you can findall of the relevant information on our website, including all of the documentsyou need to provide and all of the measures we take in order to make sure thatall purchases on our website are legal and secure.


Senior citizens andcrypto purchases: This is how Voltcoins makes sure you do it right

We at Voltcoins are aware that whilecrypto purchases may seem intuitive to young and tech savvy people, this is notalways the case with people who are a bit older. The platform might be a bitharder to understand, but the most dangerous aspect is falling victim to cryptoscammers who want to steal your money.

That is why we take a lot of precautionsin advance when we bring together senior citizens and crypto. First of all, wedo not hold wallets on our website. In order to buy crypto with Voltcoins, youneed to provide your own wallet. That way, you and only you have access to itat all times.

Second, we monitor all purchases madethrough the website, to try and spot fishy activities.  We will also conduct video calls with clientssometimes, if we see that they make large purchases, to make sure that you arenot being manipulated by any third party.

Last but not least, in order to open anaccount with us, you have to follow some strict policies, including anti moneylaundering (AML) and know your client (KYC) procedures. You can find out allabout these standard procedures on our websites, or you can talk to one of ourrepresentatives and they will explain everything.


So, to sum it up, a bitof background knowledge and assistance is all that is necessary in order toconnect senior citizens and crypto. If you're curious about theworld of cryptocurrencies, there should be no roadblocks in your way -even if you are not in your 20s or 30s - and we are here to help.

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